512R Drain Tracer Kit C/W 512Hz Sonde

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3.00 KGS
  • 512R Drain Tracer Kit
  • 512R Drain Tracer Kit
  • 512R Drain Tracer Kit
  • 512T Drain Tracer Sonde  (Transmitter)
  • 512T Drain Tracer Sonde  (Transmitter)
  • 512T Drain Tracer Sonde  (Transmitter)
  • 512T Drain Tracer Sonde  (Transmitter)
  • 512T Drain Tracer Sonde  (Transmitter)


The Wardsflex 512R Drain Tracer Kit comes complete with 512T Sonde, Receiver, and both types of necessary batteries.

This equipment is ready to go from opening the good quality transport and storage box which is also included. However, remember you may need to order an adapter to fit sonde on to rods!

The system is typically used for tracing underground clay, brick or plastic drains, sewers, ducts and culverts (not suitable for cast Iron, Ductile Iron or Steel Pipes).

The system comprises a 512Hz transmitter module (Sonde) and a receiver which is used above ground to locate and follow the transmitter below ground at depths of up to 15 feet (in ideal conditions, not metal pipes).

The transmitter produces a vertical radio pulse which is converted to an audio signal and a visible display by the directional receiver.

Sonde size 110mm x 36mm .

Weight of full kit is 3kg in box 

Receiver Details:

  • Frequency:512Hz
  • Power source:6 AA Alkaline 
  • Battery life:3-4 hours
  • Controls:On-Off/Sensitivity,Near/Far toggle switch
  • Outputs:Signal strength meter,speaker,earphone,battery indicator

 Sonde Details:

  • Frequency:512Hz
  • Power source: #357 (LR44) button cell non-charge
  • Battery life: 3-4 hours
  • Size: Φ 110 X 36mm
  • M10 threaded fitting (adaptors available for most rod types)
  • Range(non-metallic): up to 14.8ft
  • Caution: if the led does not light. Please change the battery. 
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