A New Website for a New Year - Welcome to 2017

A New Website for a New Year - Welcome to 2017

Welcome to Wardsflex new website – A new look for a New Year - 2017

As good as our old website was, it really was time for a change after nearly 10 years in use.

The new Wardsflex eCommerce website brings us up to date with a dynamic platform and a significant step forward in functionality and performance.

Whilst most of the difference is in the workings all going on in the background, at the customer facing pages we have tried to keep a similar look which is comfortable and easy to use.

Where possible, all the favourite and popular products are in familiar places, but with an increased level of detail or product information added.

However, this new layout has given us a new opportunity for separation of different drain rod sizes and end fittings which we hope will help customers find all the related products without any risk of confusion.

Please offer feedback when ordering, because you may see things we can improve further. . . . .

29th Dec 2016 Andy Pollard

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