Draper Tools Promotion

Draper Tools Promotion

Throughout this autumn period, Wardsflex are running a number of Draper Tool promotions. We would like to share these with as many of our customers as we can so have pushed a few to our home page for easy viewing.

It is fair to say that selecting a range of complimentary hand tools for a wide range customers in such a specialist industry is quite challenging. Some want the best tools money can buy, others feel that low cost is more important as “things always get lost or broken”.

From a supplier point of view, we try to get the most suitable tools we can at a reasonable price and our experience is that Draper Tools generally satisfy this requirement. Where possible there is always some choice but mostly this is offered to suit the personal preferences for usability, however a certain amount of pricing also comes into the decision.

Please browse the Hand Tools and Consumables pages to see the offers and there are plenty of new items listed to add to the collection if you have viewed before.

13th Sep 2017 Andy Pollard

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