​Ridgid Spring Machine Offers

​Ridgid Spring Machine Offers

At Wardsflex we always seek to provide professional drain and sewer cleaning equipment to our customers at competitive prices. However not everything in life and especially not everything in business, is all about the money.

Reliability of the equipment and availability of replacement parts like springs is vital when your business relies on the right tools being ready to hand when the call comes in.

By selecting to sell Ridgid Spring Machines at Wardsflex we know that we are competing against low-cost “cheap and cheerful” alternatives. However, in many cases opting for an unknown brand with no history or back-up can be a costly experience.

With Ridgid machines we believe we are offering great value for high quality professional equipment. With the back-up of replacement cables and tools on the shelf, all at competitive prices and usually available for next-day delivery.

Currently we have a range of offers on our Ridgid Spring Machines which we hope you will browse through and if you call we will be happy to help you choose the most suitable equipment for the type of work you complete. 

21st Apr 2017 Andy Pollard

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