Unblocktober 2020

Unblocktober 2020

Why Unblocktober?

If you don’t already know why we need Unblocktober and your help, let me explain. Sadly humans haven’t always treated the natural and built environment in the kindest way over the years. There are many examples of this that will jump to mind, such as deforestation, increasing carbon emissions, and so on. But for many decades we’ve also adopted habits at home that - without many of us knowing - have caused our surroundings, watercourses and rivers severe distress.

Millions upon millions of us have been putting items, materials and substances into our drainage systems and sewers that lead to untold damage on the environment around us. Flooding. Fatbergs. Plastic pollution. The list goes on. As a result, we need to act decisively and quickly to try to change those bad habits and reverse the impact of our actions on our environment. That’s where Unblocktober comes in. And where you come in too…

2020 is the time to act.

We need Unblocktober and the habits it promotes now more than ever. 2020 has been extremely challenging for billions of people across the world as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. A large proportion of the global population will have spent considerably more time at home due to lockdown and social distancing measures introduced this year and, unfortunately, as well as having an impact on our mental health, this has also negatively affected the environment. Many environmental organisations have found that recycling worldwide has taken a back seat in recent months, with people naturally being more preoccupied about health concerns. In addition, more unflushable cleaning-related products than normal have been used by consumers as they try to keep their homes and workspaces disinfected at all times, and also as a result of the toilet paper shortages caused by panic buying at the beginning of the crisis. This has led to a global increase in the number of fatbergs forming in our sewers. But that’s not the only problem we’re facing. Plastic pollution, which was already at critical levels before the Coronavirus pandemic, has been getting worse. Plastic packaging from shopping at online stores, plastic utensils from takeaway meals, disposable face masks - all have become a staple of lockdown life, leading to more plastic waste than ever before. So, can you help us make 2020 that little bit better?

All we want is for you to commit to stop pouring into your drains or flushing any of the items below for the month of October: • Cooking oil or fat • Food - even crumbs! • Anything containing plastic or hidden plastic

1st Oct 2020 Andy Pollard

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