Why Unblocktober?

To put it lightly, us humans haven’t always treated the natural and built environment in the kindest way. There are many examples of this that will jump to mind, such as deforestation, increasing carbon emissions, and so on. But for many decades we’ve also adopted habits at home that - without many of us knowing - have caused our surrounding oceans and rivers severe distress.

Millions upon millions of us have been putting items, materials and substances into our drainage systems and sewers that lead to untold damage on the environment around us. Flooding. Fatbergs. Plastic pollution. The list goes on. As a result, we need to act decisively and quickly to try to change those bad habits and reverse the impact of our actions on our environment. That’s where Unblocktober comes in. And where you come in too...

How It Works:

Anything containing plastic, SHOULD NOT be flushed. Also avoid flushing Wet wipes. Cooking sauces. Cooking oil or Food. Margarine, butter or lard. Nappies Cotton buds Bandages and plasters Dental floss Period products - Sanitary/menstrual pads and towels. Condoms Contact lenses Razor blades.

And remember. if you have good practices for waste disposal at home it is very likely that you will have less problems with your drainage too. But most importantly the environment will benifit significantly from our collective efforts!

Lanes for Drains are the Brains behind this initiative and it is supported by many water companies and other groups such as, Thames Water, Anglian Water, Southern Water, Future Water Association, United Utilities, Yorkshire Water, The Rivers Trust, UKSTT and The Final Straw.


2nd Oct 2019 Andy Pollard

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