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• FloodSax® are lightweight, just 200 grams (7 ounces) before they are activated.

• FloodSax® absorb water to become taut weighing 20kg (44lbs) in just over 3 minutes after absorbing 20 litres of water.

• Can be expanded in water in a bath, a sink, a bucket, a hosepipe or even the floodwater

• Can be used to divert water away from a building and down a drain.

• FloodSax® expand evenly, unlike other similar products in the market.

• Easy to store and are vacuumed-packed to save even more room.

• FloodSax® last for 5 years in storage.

• FloodSax® can be used to soak up spills and leaks in the home or business.

• If you are in a risk area then keep them ready in the house to prevent flood ingress.

• Can be used by people who would not be able to lift sandbags

• Biodegradable and so can be disposed of in landfill sites.

• Every home and business is potentially at risk from floods - even if it is a burst pipe.

FloodSax® can be used anywhere from professional offices to building sites and from ground-floor flats to the top of skyscrapers.

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