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Coiled Spring Rods and Accessories

Wardsflex Coiled Spring Steel Rods are ideal for clearing blockages in drains with awkward bends including those with interceptors or 'S' traps, 'P' traps and 'Q' traps.

Rod sets are available in 19mm (3/4 inch) and 13mm (1/2 inch) diameters with a variety of tools and attachments. 

As a guide, 13mm coiled spring rods are more suited for plumbing type tasks such as waste pipes from a bath and sink or urinal, but can be used to clear obstructions in tight bends in foul drains or rainwater gully outlet pipes.

19mm rods are more suited for clearing obstructions in the larger drains around a property such as the regular 4" foul drains and rainwater pipes leading to soakaways.


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