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Why Unblocktober?

To put it lightly, us humans haven’t always treated the natural and built environment in the kindest way. There are many examples of this that will jump to mind, such as deforestation, increasing carbon emissions, and so on. But for many decades we’ve also adopted habits at home that - without many of us knowing - have caused our surrounding oceans and rivers severe distress.

Millions upon millions of us have been putting items, materials and substances into our drainage systems and sewers that lead to untold damage on the environment around us. Flooding. Fatbergs. Plastic pollution. The list goes on. As a result, we need to act decisively and quickly to try to change those bad habits and reverse the impact of our actions on our environment. That’s where Unblocktober comes in. And where you come in too...

How It Works:

Anything containing plastic, SHOULD NOT be flushed. Also avoid flushing Wet wipes. Cooking sauces. Cooking oil or Food. Margarine, butter or lard. Nappies Cotton buds Bandages and plasters Dental floss Period products - Sanitary/menstrual pads and towels. Condoms Contact lenses Razor blades.

And remember. if you have good practices for waste disposal at home it is very likely that you will have less problems with your drainage too. But most importantly the environment will benifit significantly from our collective efforts!

Lanes for Drains are the Brains behind this initiative and it is supported by many water companies and other groups such as, Thames Water, Anglian Water, Southern Water, Future Water Association, United Utilities, Yorkshire Water, The Rivers Trust, UKSTT and The Final Straw.


Ridgid FlexShaft

The new Ridgid FlexShaft in the two versions is about to arrive at Wardsflex. Specifications for the larger K9-204 version of the FlexShaft Machine.RIDGID FlexShaft Machines utilise specialised chain knockers attached to a flexible cable that are spun at high speeds by a cordless drill/driver with an adjustable clutch (NOT INCLUDED) attached to the centre drive shaft.Since [...]

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Wardsflex are in the final few days of preparation for the RO-KA-TECH trade fair in Kassel near Frankfurt.If you are able to get a little time to visit please come and see us on stand A16 in Hall 5.

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World Water Day 2019

On World Water Day 2019, it is sad to see below data from WHO & UNICEF showing how many people in the world still do not have access to clean and safe water. In our sanitised western world we take this for granted, but just imagine if you and your family had this as a [...]

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VietWater 2018

With just over a week to go until the start of VietWater 2018, Wardsflex are in the final stages of packing and preparation. Vietwater 7th to 9th November 2018 Please visit Wardsflex in Hall A1 on Stand B27-I www.vietwater.com/en-us/

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IFAT 2018 - Munich

The IFAT Exhibition in Munich is one of the most well known and best trade shows in the world for Drain and Sewer related products, tools and equipment. With all the big names displaying such a broad range, if you can spare the time to visit then this is one of the best opportunities to see [...]

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Go Blue - World Water Day

       In support of World Water day Wardsflex have changed theme colours

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Happy New Year

As the last few days of 2017 come to a close, all the staff at Wardsflex would like to say thank you to all our customers and wish them a happy and successful 2018.

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Draper Tools Promotion

Throughout this autumn period, Wardsflex are running a number of Draper Tool promotions. We would like to share these with as many of our customers as we can so have pushed a few to our home page for easy viewing.It is fair to say that selecting a range of complimentary hand tools for a wide range customers in such [...]

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MANS Location Services Open Day


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  • Ridgid FlexShaft

    The new Ridgid FlexShaft in the two versions is about to arrive at …

  • RO-KA-TECH 2019

    Wardsflex are in the final few days of preparation for the RO-KA-TECH trade …

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