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Retrieval Tool Kit In Case

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21.00 KGS


The innovative sewer retrieval kit offers the ideal solution for situations when jetting is not working and provides an alternative to more costly disruptive options. 

A complete set of tools including:

  • 100mm Noose Tool
  • 150mm Noose Tool
  • Ball Magnet Tool
  • M10 Lockfast Adaptor
  • Claw Tool
  • Scraper Chisel Tool
  • Root Cutter Tool
  • Rotary Chisel Tool
  • Crook Tool
  • Crook Tool Extension
  • Single Claw Tool
  • Noose Tool Cable Roller
  • 1/2" Male STD Jet Nozzle
  • 1/2" Female Swivel Adaptor
  • 100 to 150mm 4” to 6” Extension Lug
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