6mm x 80m Pipe Tracer (Flexitrace)

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7.00 KGS


Pipe Tracer (Flexitrace) Rod provides a lightweight and compact solution for locating ducts, pipes and drains. The unit can easily be transported and deployed by one person and provides an alternative to traditional pipe location techniques using a Cobra Rod / Duct Rods and a Sonde Transmitter to locate plastic pipes, pipe / duct obstructions or collapses. To be used in conjunction with a Cable Locator and Generator. It is compatible with any locator / generator which operates at 33Khz.

Sonde Location - Feed the rod into the duct and attach a Signal Generator to both terminals of the unit, this energises the end coil housing (Sonde) and allows it to be located as a traditional Sonde using a Cable Avoiding Tool.

Line Location - Feed the rod into the duct and attach a Signal Generator to one terminal of the unit and the other terminal to an earth stake. The Rod can then be located along its whole length with a Cable Avoiding Tool.

Allows the detection, location and determination of depth for buried non-metallic. Locate either the whole path of the pipe or only locate the tip of the Sonde.Works in pipes and ducts with a diameter as small as 12 mm diameter. Works with standard Signal Generator and C.A.T. (Cable Avoiding Tool) Manual brake fitted to maintain control of the rod. No batteries required. Lightweight and compact


Rod Diameter: 6mm

Sonde Dimensions: 9mm Dia x 75mm

Depth Range: Up to 3 Mtr depending on pipe construction and soil conditions.

Construction: Glass Fibre Rod and copper conductors in a polypropylene sheath on a steel frame.

Frame Dimensions: 700mm x 580mm x 250mm

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