Best of Both Mega Duty Set

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48.00 KGS
  • Best of Both Mega Duty Set
  • Best of Both Mega Duty Set
  • Best of Both Mega Duty Set
  • Best of Both Mega Duty Set
  • Best of Both Mega Duty Set
  • Best of Both Mega Duty Set
  • Best of Both Mega Duty Set


What's included:

Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley (Steel or Alloy)
MagTec Magnet
KeyTec Spreader Bar system
High-Leverage unseating hook
One pair, 20mm L-blade lock-down lifting keys
One pair, 25mm T-blade lock-down lifting keys
One pair, 35mm T-blade lock-down lifting keys
KeyTec Carry Bag for spreader bar, lock-down keys and unseating hook

An average build person can easily lift a cover equal to their own weight using any Manhole Buddy system. Drain covers can vary considerably in weight, but the majority will fall in the range 40 to 80 kg. 

The Best of Both Lifting Set is our most complete cover lifting system. It can be delivered with either the Steel or Alloy lifting trolley. The MagTec magnet permits fast unseating and removal of metallic covers, without the need to clean keyholes, fit keys etc. The KeyTec attachment set will handle non-metallic covers, will provide greater security and control on large split covers and attach to indoor covers with threaded lifting inserts, by the addition of appropriate set bolts (not included in the Best of Both set).

The Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley is in effect a mobile lever, pivoting on its wheels and having two lifting points, a pair of High Leverage lifting pins through which the cover unseating capability is accessed and the forward lifting hook which provides balanced lifting and carriage. Unless you are ceratin the cover is loose, it is always best to first use the unseating facility - the High Leverage lifting pins deliver a mechanical advantage greater than 5:1 which means a 25 kg downward effort on the t-handle translates into a lifting force greater than 125kg - more than enough to shift most jammed covers. With the cover loose, a downward 25 kg effort from the user delivers a 60 kg plus lifting effort on the forward lifting hook. 

The MagTec Mega Magnet requires no external power or recharging. A hand-lever with a safety interlock provides On-Off control. The magnet can be used with either of the lifting trolleys. It is important to note that when placed on the cover, the magnet becomes part of the load. The Working Load Limit (WLL) of the Steel trolley is 150 kg; the WLL for the Alloy trolley is 125 kg. The MagTec solution is fast and flexible. As with all Manhole Buddy solutions, it pays to use the High Leverage facility on the trolley to unseat the cover. With the MagTec, place the magnet at the edge of the cover and engage the High Leverage lifting pins in the slots on the lifting hanger. When the cover has been unseated (in some situations, you may need to apply the unseating effort at different points on the cover edge), reposition the magnet centrally for balanced cover lifting.

The KeyTec load spreader bar sits on top of the cover and attaches through threaded lifting keys. The spreader bar is fitted with the same rotating lifting hanger as all Manhole Buddy cover attachments, which uniquely for a key-based system, means you have freedom to access the cover from more positions. A combined tool bag, with long handles for shoulder-carrying, is supplied for the folded spreader bar, the lifting keys and the high leverage lifting hook. In use, the spreader bar is positioned on the cover and the lifting keys fitted. The cover can be unseated using the high leverage lifting points on the trolley, connecting to the end loops on the bar, through the lifting hook. The cover is raised and pivoted clear of the chamber, using the forward lifting point on the trolley.  For indoor covers with threaded inserts, standard set bolts of appropriate length and thread can be used to secure the KeyTec lifting attachment, but if preferred, we can manufacture threaded examples of our standard lifting keys.

With all Manhole Buddy configurations, the operator remains in contact with the trolley t-handle during use, hence is distant from the suspended load and the chamber opening, making the product undeniably safe for one-person or lone worker use. Moreover, they are required to input only a modest downward effort and can either pivot the raised cover to one side or withdraw it from the area of work, as they please.

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