MagTec Mega Magnet

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21.00 KGS


What's included?

  • 1x MagTec Mega Magnet
  • 1x Rotating Lifting Hanger

With the Manhole Buddy MagTec, the majority of metallic covers will be lifted in less time than it usually takes to prepare the keyholes for traditional key-based lifting.

At the heart of the MagTec configuration is the MagTec Mega Magnet. This requires no external power or recharging. A simple lever with a safety interlock provides On-Off control. The magnet can be used with either of the two lifting trolleys. It is important to note that when placed on the cover, the magnet becomes part of the load. The Working load Limit of the Alloy trolley is 100 kg and for the Steel trolley, 150 kg.

The MagTec solution is fast and flexible. As with all Manhole Buddy solutions, it pays to use the High Leverage facility on the trolley to unseat the cover. With the MagTec, place the magnet at the edge of the cover and engage the inner High Leverage lifting pins with the sloping slots on the lifting hanger. When the cover has been unseated (in some situations, you may need to apply the unseating effort at different points on the cover edge), reposition the magnet centrally for balanced cover lifting.

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