Ridgid FlexShaft

Ridgid FlexShaft

The new Ridgid FlexShaft in the two versions is about to arrive at Wardsflex.


Specifications for the larger K9-204 version of the FlexShaft Machine.

RIDGID FlexShaft Machines utilise specialised chain knockers attached to a flexible cable that are spun at high speeds by a cordless drill/driver with an adjustable clutch (NOT INCLUDED) attached to the centre drive shaft.

Since the cable spins in a durable nylon sheath that is housed within a fully contained drum, there is much safer operation and less on site mess.

This unit is lightweight and portable, perfect for 2" to 4" pipes (50mm to 100mm) and includes 70' of 5/16" cable enclosed in the durable but flexible nylon-sheath.

*Just need to add your own cordless drill/driver.*

Supplied complete with:

  • Triple chain knocker for 50mm to 100mm pipes
  • Triple carbide tipped chain knocker for 50mm to 100mm pipes
  • Tool bag and associated tools including Lubricant


Just click the link to take a look

24th May 2019 Andy Pollard

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