A brief focus on CCTV

A brief focus on CCTV

There are many specialist CCTV equipment suppliers who can provide good choice for current and prospective users in the industry. These manufacturers are ideal if you want top quality equipment for professional fulltime survey operations.

However, for low cost solutions, many users just require a looksee or simple record and report type system. Again, there are many options but these can be confusing when you are not confident about what you are buying when trying to keep to a budget.

At Wardsflex we have taken a simple approach to make it easier for our customers to select the right equipment to suit their needs.

For the very low cost of between £995 to less than £4,000, Wardsflex have a range of options including a looksee only units that can be scaled up to report writing and self-righting camera head with or without sonde.

Please take a browse and ring me if you have any questions.

10th Feb 2017 Andy Pollard

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