HD1 Full Package CCTV System with built in 512Hz Sonde

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11.00 KGS
  • HD1 Pipe Survey System
  • HD1 Pipe Survey System
  • HD1 Pipe Survey System
  • HD1 Pipe Survey System
  • HD1 Pipe Survey System
  • Camera skids


The HD1 CCTV system is a full package High Definition Pipe Surveying Camera System with 1280*720 pixels colour screen for great visual experience.

This is a simple system to operate and a low-cost way of inspecting drains and other pipes in high quality.

Built into a modern dynamic aluminium fully integrated stand, compact and easy to carry, easy to set-up and easy to operate.

This unit comes with the benefit of a self-leveling colour camera and built-in sonde, text writer and keyboard.

It has a 30m rod and an on-board recorder which records to USB/SD card so anything can be reviewed or shared later.

If you want to see what is in the pipe and produce simple reports to show a customer then this is a great unit to use.

Standard Package includes:

  • 23mm x 120mm self-leveling camera head with built-in 512Hz sonde, waterproof to IP68 standard.
  • white LED for camera lighting
  • durable stainless steel head
  • 30m rod, 6.3mm diameter
  • Waterproof mini keyboard 
  • Imperial or Metric onscreen measurements
  • SD card 
  • comes with three skids, 40mm, 90mm and 120mm
  • DVR 
  • 10.1 inch display screen
  • Storage box
  • 4 hours working time

All parts available separately for replacement


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