ChainTec - 4 Leg Adjustable Chain Set

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4.50 KGS
  • ChainTec - 4 Leg Adjustable Chain Set
  • ChainTec - 4 Leg Adjustable Chain Set
  • ChainTec - 4 Leg Adjustable Chain Set
  • ChainTec - 4 Leg Adjustable Chain Set


Chain-based lifting attachment for use with Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley. It has four adjustable chain legs, each with a forged lifting hook. Certified to lift up to 150 kg using a Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley.

What's included?

  • 2x 1200mm Chain (Safe Working Load of 150kg)
  • 1x Slotted Chain Block
  • 1x Rotating Lifting Hanger
  • 4x 13mm Length Lifting Hooks

A solution was requested for non-metallic covers, predominantly installed on pavements and low traffic areas. These installations are largely associated with telephony and cable services. However, the ensuing accessory can be used to lift a variety of pieces, not limited to manhole covers - the facility to replace the hook (by simply unscrewing the shackle) permits other hooks or clamps to be attached - see pictures and detail below.

The ChainTec four-legged chain set, with individual length adjustments, was developed. Whilst lacking the absolute simplicity of a magnet solution, this accessory can be deployed quickly and equalising chain lengths is both simple and effective. The rotating lifting hanger, with multiple lifting positions is common to all three Lifting Attachments. The high leverage facility on the trolley, for unseating covers, will still be useable in many situations.

The solution delivers the same key safety features, in that the operator is distanced from the cover and opening, a relatively small downward force raises the cover and easy transport is facilitated by the wheeled trolley.

The chain, shackles and hooks are certified components and load tested as an assembly by a specialist supplier of lifting equipment. Each set is tagged with its Safe Working Load and serial number. The complete ChainTec assembly has a SWL of 150kg.

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