KeyTec Folding Spreader Bar Kit

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8.50 KGS
  • KeyTec Folding Spreader Bar Kit
  • KeyTec Folding Spreader Bar Kit
  • KeyTec Folding Spreader Bar Kit


What's included:

  • 1x KeyTec Spreader Bar with Folding Arms
  • 1x Rotating Lifting Hanger
  • 1x High-Leverage Unseating Hook
  • 1x Combined Spreader Bar Tool Bag

The KeyTec Spreader Bar attachment was introduced in March 2010 and offers an alternative to the MagTec, VacTec and ChainTec attachment methods. It retains the primary features and benefits of the other attachments but delivers some unique capabilities.

At the heart of the KeyTec configuration is a load spreader bar which sits on top of the cover and attaches through threaded lifting keys. The spreader bar is fitted with the same rotating lifting hanger as all Manhole Buddy cover attachments. A combined tool bag is now supplied for the folded spreader bar, the lifting keys and the high leverage lifting hook. The bag has long handles so that most people can carry it on their shoulder.

The spreader bar is positioned and the lifting keys fitted. The cover is unseated using the high leverage lifting points on the trolley, connecting to the end loops on the bar through the lifting hook. The cover is raised and pivoted clear of the chamber. The operator remains clear of the suspended load and the chamber opening, throughout.

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